Box House

Hi :) Tooday I have for you my new house. It's placed in forest and it's modern house ;D

Soon I'll also reupload my Urban House so please be patient :)
Hope you'll like that house as much as Urban House, cause you downloaded that house more than 500 times ;D ;D THANKS for all






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Urban House

Hi guys :) I just want you to know that I'm working on new houses and as soon as possible I will upload the newest house Urban House. I can't upload it yet cause I know that something in that house causes blue lots issue and I have to check all my sims3packs cause I know that all my packages are ok. Smart Delphy made new program that can check sims3packs ;D but it'll take time, cause I have a lot of sims3packs and you have to check only one at the time. Hope I'll finish checking it toomorow. Bye and write what you thing about that house =]
I checked all my sims3packs and now it works ! No blue lots after installing this house :D BIIIG thanks for Delphy for that tool.
Link to download it under the pics :) Happy simming !

Hope you liek it ! :D

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Axel House

So again, it's one of my old houses, which I built after Sims 3 came out. Enjoy :)

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